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Holographic print

Holographic printed packaging is getting popular in today’s flex pack. It is commonly seen on commodities such as toothpaste, chewing gums…etc. It can also be used as a counterfeit counter measure on high value products and pharmacy products..

De-metallization Window Pack

Demetallized window packaging is good for flex pack on food products such as candies and snack. The transparent window allows customers to see products inside the package with appealing appearance. It can also be act as a counterfeit counter measure.

Matt Finishing

Matt finished surface on film will have a dull finished surface with diffused reflection. Applying registered matt finishing on package results with a premium product look & feel which appeals consumer and enhanced their purchase desire.

The varnishes also provide an excellent scratch proof and crack resistance which caused by transportation. This finishing could be applied to all forms of flex packs and shaped pouches

Vacuum Pack

There are pouches suitable for vacuuming after product filling and these pouches are made of special material that is robust enough that will not burst, or damaged, after vacuum even if the products contains sharp edges. Commonly use materials are NY/LLDPE, LLDPE/LLDPE, BOPP/LLDPE.

Frozen pouches

Frozen pouches are made of special material that is suitable for storage under -4oC to -18oC, and some extreme case of -30oC. Apart from the low temperature resilience ability, it should also be puncture proof and can withstand high impact. Commonly use materials are NY/LLDPE, LLDPE/LLDPE, PET/LLDPE.

Microwave Pouches

Microwavable pouches are made of non-metallic foil material that will not respond to microwave that causes damages on pouch, nor release toxic gas/substance that contaminates products inside pouch. Commonly use materials are OPP/CPP, PET/LLDPE, NY/LLDPE.

Retortable Pack

Ready-to-eat foods became one of the most popular foods in most household today and retortable packaging plays crucial part of it. Retortable packaging comes in 3 side seal, or stand up pouch, or shaped pouch which can withstand high temperature up to 135°C. Our 8-points sealing check ensure every retort pouch can meet, or exceed, the generally requirement for retortable in the industrial, which also covers the burst stress test. These kind of retortable packs can also have optional aluminum foil, or transparent with barrier films, for additional protection

Hot Filling Pouches

Hot Fill pouches are made with selected materials that can withstand high temperatures up to 100 ºC.  Pouches will not deform, or leak, during and after hot filling. Material commonly used for hot fill pouches are :


Non-clear type - NY/AL/LLDPE ; PET/AL/LLDPE.

Recloseable Zipper Seal

Recloseable zipper could be put on PE & PP pouches for sealing. Optional high impact zipper is also available for heavy products. Apart from putting the zipper on top, it could also be fit on pouch front with temper proof seal.

Hanging Holes

There are series of hanging holes with different sizes and layouts that could be punched on pouch to meet your requirement.

Linear Tearing

To provide a liner tearing line on pouch for tear to open, it could either be done by laser scoring, or using linear materials such as linear NY and linear PET.

Laser scoring is a process of laser beaming onto pouch that makes a predesigned cut onto the pouch without damaging the integrity of the pouch. Consumer could easily tear open the pouch along the laser cut.

Using liner material to make pouch could also provide similar tear to open on pouch, but material costs is much higher.

Tearing V-Notch

A V-notch on pouch offers an easy and convenience way for consumers to open the pouch